Friday, September 2, 2011

In the moment

For the past week, my little guy has had a stuffy nose.  It must be going around, because several other  moms have told me the same thing.  For T, this means nighttime sleeping is tough.  Wednesday night, for example, he woke up crying at 10:30, 2, and 5.  For me, that meant that I went to bed a little later than planned, and couldn't fall back to sleep again after the 2 AM wakeup.

It's challenging to go without sleep in any situation.  But instead of thinking about that at 5 AM yesterday morning, as I had my arms wrapped protectively around him in the recliner in his room, I focused on the moment.  I listened to his breathing as he stopped hiccuping and crying, and his chest rose and fell in a smooth, rhythmic flow.  I felt the soft baby skin of his arms and head.   I inhaled and memorized the sweet baby smell still imbued in his hair and the back of his neck.

It will be all too soon when he will not want to snuggle with me and will run from my kisses.  For now, I will savor every moment that I can be his comfort and ease his fears and dry his tears.  Having a toddler means living both fast and slow: fast, because the time flies by as you watch him grow; and slow, because patience is required as he insists on doing things for himself and exploring every inch of a new place before settling down.

Living in the moment never meant so much.

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