Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Storm is Over

“The storm is over,” I thought.

But then a rumble of thunder

Shook its fist at me

And soon a white finger of lightning

Illuminated the night

Like an eerie flash of nightmare

Scary, yet exciting

The patter of rain

Beat a rhythm on the roof

Constantly changing tempo

And played like a concerto of God.

Drowning out the meek music

Of my stereo

And the wind blows like Halloween night

Threatening to huff and puff and

Blow the house down.

All the instruments of Heaven

Come together in one great climax

Shaking the Earth in a fearsome frenzy

And then the denouement.

Ever so softly, the rain

Pitter-pattered on the roof

And the thunder grumbled a farewell

And I noticed the music of my stereo again.

“The storm is over,” I thought.

No answer came.

“Yes, the storm is –“

The thunder found strength anew and

The symphony struck up again.

Sometimes, life is like that.

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