Thursday, December 15, 2011

I Believe

Rome, Italy, with two colleagues
I believe...
... in striking a pose
... any recipe that starts with a stick of butter is good
... Christmas has just usurped Halloween as my favorite holiday now that I have a son
... lightning is beautiful
... I am definitely a scary movie wimp
... love is a verb
... the best diet is moderation
... the most gorgeous cars were built in the 1950s
... travel opens your mind

... sitting in a car wash feels like being in a sultry rainforest storm
... throwing away my scale was one of the best things I ever did for myself
... strong faith doesn't require weekly church services, unless that's what gives your faith strength
... clowns are weird (not scary, just weird)
... I could live in Rome, but only if my whole family came along
... Burn Notice and College Game Day are the best shows on TV
... just because you rarely talk to an old friend doesn't mean you don't still love each other
... trust is built from sharing vulnerabilities

... I am blessed to have been born to my parents and given a sister who is my best friend
... bananas are only good when they're turned into Bananas Foster
... there are bad politicians in both the Democratic and Republican party; I vote on both sides
... I'm lucky that I didn't become a journalist, as planned, since I often avoid the news 
... there are too many jerks at the top of the corporate food chain
... everyone needs help sometimes
... some people pick and choose passages from the Bible to support bigotry

... people who are negative on Facebook more than 50% of the time deserve to be hidden
... Harrison Ford was the sexiest man in any movie in Raiders of the Lost Ark
... spammers and people who embed viruses should be put in jail
... recreational drugs are stupid
... I talk too much
... that more people should try dating and/or befriending someone of another race or culture
... you can't spoil a baby by holding him or hugging him too much

... in birth control and a woman's right to decide what to do with her own body
... if a politician votes against emergency contraception for a rape victim, s/he is heartless
... that marriage between two men or two women can be as beautiful and meaningful as one between a man and a woman
... a friend with whom I can disagree and we still appreciate each other is a good friend, indeed
... the epitaph I strive to earn is: "Helpful. Nice. Kind. Loving. Thoughtful." 
... my 40s are the best time of my life



  1. Kristin, I love you! I love this post! Good for you for all of it!! You live for you and your family and what you believe in and everything else is second, that is an honorable quality in today's day and age. I am flipping out that I am turning 30 in really freaking out!! But this helps a lot truly, when you just look at it as another year to live and celebrate life, not so scary I guess. Did I say, I LOVE THIS POST!!

  2. I am so inspired by this post! Makes me feel grateful and put a smile on my face. Thank you!
    Kerry Gray

    P.S. TOTALLY agree with you that the best cars come from the 1950's.

  3. Kristin,

    I loved reading this post. You've put a smile on my face. I appreciate your heartfelt "believes".
    Love, Elizabeth

  4. Thank you, friends! It makes me happy to have friends like you to stand by me and encourage me! xoxo

  5. I love it! It's nice to be at a point in your life (whenever that may be) when you can reflect and have a list of beliefs.

  6. I just have to say I agree whole-heartedly that we would make the best of neighbors and the best of friends, too! I am about to turn 40 and how I would love to be authentic, happy, and completely alive just hanging out with you!

    Happy Holidays to a beautiful soul! So grateful you found me so I could find you!

  7. What a great list. i agree with you 100%.

  8. Loved reading this, Kristin. You are a beautiful person. But my favorite? A carwash feels like being in a sultry rainforest storm. YES! Now I want to go get my car washed! Haha :)

  9. Can't believe how many of these I agree with. :) Found you by randomly clicking on a link in another blog. Thank you!


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