Friday, March 28, 2014

Friday Favorites

I am surrounded, always, by people who love and support me; I want to return the favor. On any random Friday, I'm summarizing some of my favorite things from around the web and supporting others in return.

Happy weekend!

1)  This post from Keely at Lollygag Blog describes her feelings about her daughter's first field trip.

"She was headed to the theater and impending adulthood and that critical thing called Doing Things Without Your Mom. But I was so glad that I saw her in that bus window, even for that millisecond. It was proof that things continued on as they should and it really was all okay."

Nora's First Field Trip aka Here's Why I Cried Yesterday

2)  A thought-provoking and heart-touching post from Roo of Neon Fresh about World Vision and the fallout from their policy changes.

"Adults who had pledged to support these children, had put their photos on their fridge, had written letters and sent birthday money… rushed to their computers and phones to cancel their sponsorships, to contact their banks and put a stop payment on automatic renewals, to sever a relationship and sacrifice the well-being of a child due to a policy change."

When Everyone Gets Whiplash

3)  Nancy Kho's story of moving to Munich as a new college graduate and navigating new neighbors and co-workers and culture is fascinating. Every time I read her work, I come away smiling. Especially since every post has some kind of music video attached.

"My Haidhauser Straße apartment was the first place I ever lived by myself, and became home base – in the kid’s game sense of the word, a safe haven to rest – for all the exploration I did when I lived in Germany. I found a back way to walk to the office alongside green parks and chic restaurants and never took the streetcar. I met an American girl who was my lifeline when I just needed someone to understand an American pop culture reference."

#WhereILivedWednesday: Haidhauder straße

4)  Last week, we finished casting the Austin Listen to Your Mother show. It was very difficult; we had so many great pieces that I felt as though I was carving a piece of my heart to the floor when I had to send out rejection notices. However - I know, from experience, that it's much harder being on the rejected end of that email.  

In this post, Heather of The Extraordinary-Ordinary sums up the process perfectly, and with love.

5)  If you have young children, check out children's book author Liz Garton Scanlon.  Her Caldecott-award-winning book All the World is one of my favorite picture books of all time. It's absolutely gorgeous. Her new book, The Good Pie Party, is about a child who is not happy to be moving and hosts a farewell party.  Since I have a few friends who are moving with their children, I think this is the perfect gift.

And thank you, GM, for this Tahoe loaner for a week. For this car fanatic, it is a thrill to have the opportunity to test out a new car.  It's massive, and my son loves to climb around in it; the new car smell is lovely.


  1. I love this idea... it's so much nicer to focus on the things, people, words, and perks that make us happy! Looking forward to this series.

  2. This is awesome because it gives me new people to follow and read and fall head over heels for like I did you.

  3. What beautiful posts, Kristin. Thank you for sharing them.

  4. This is such a lovely idea! It is always wonderful to see the love being spread around. :)

  5. Thanks for pointing out Heather's post. I hadn't seen it. I was in the show last year and loved being a part of it--so much so that I encouraged several local friends to submit. All made it to the audition stage, but only one got a spot in the cast. The other few were devastated. I felt terrible, though I AM glad they went for it.

  6. Love reading up on what you loved this week, Kristin!


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