Friday, April 25, 2014

Friday Favorites

Some of my favorite things on the web this week:


For a little sweetness and humor today, read Keely's essay on giving her baby boy "the man talk".

And for a funny take on the news story about the teenager who stowed away in a wheel well on his way to Hawaii, Kim has some ideas on worse ways to fly the friendly skies:


Kim Simon is a favorite writer of mine, and these posts of hers describe the community of friendship gained through motherhood, and the fear a mother experiences when her child requires surgery.

I'm participating the Climb Out of the Darkness walk to raise money to support mothers with postpartum disorders. It's hard to imagine how any postpartum disorder can wreck havoc on your life if you haven't experienced it, and Jill Krause does a beautiful job explaining in this post:

If you have a child who is actively online, these tips from Johnson and Johnson will be important to you to keep him safe online

Sarah Reinhart is a very talented writer and photographer, and her words about her baby losing his place as the baby of the family will resonate with anyone with more than one child.


The artistic talent of the 16-year-old girl who drew this is stunning, and the piece breathtaking:

I'm an aviation enthusiast, and this story was fascinating.  Don't miss this one, called "Around the World Housewife":

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Some of my favorite things this week:
Round Rock Express baseball - my son is crazy about the pool area in the outfield.  Thanks to Rebecca Darling, expert on all things related to family activities in Texas, from R We There Yet Mom?

Chevy, the new national sponsor for the Listen To Your Mother show!


  1. Good shares! I'm going to check some out now.

  2. Awesome posts!
    The online safety tips were really great - that age is fast approaching for us and I am always looking for new info. And I loved Sarah's post about the baby of the family - it was so touching.

  3. I love this round up... such a great way to learn about posts I may have missed. Thanks!

  4. You pick the best stuff, Kristin!

  5. the best stuff there is... thanks for sharing


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