Friday, May 23, 2014

Friday Favorites

It has been a great week; I spent a few days at an aviation conference catching up with industry colleagues, got some great feedback from my writers' group, and spent some quality time with my son as he finished his first year of preschool. 

I have a few essays ready for the upcoming weeks and I'm working on a few stories for the Brave series.  If you know anyone who has prevailed through some tough times in his or her life and has a good story to tell, please contact me. 

Happy weekend! These are some of my favorite posts on the internet this week:


1)  Brenna makes me laugh quite often, but in this post she's showing off her softer side with a great essay on making friends. 
"Making friends is as much about you as it is about the people you seek out. You decide how invested you want to be and how hard you want to chase it, you cultivate the type of friends you need and avoid the ones you don't..."

2)  In that vein, this post about no-drama friendship has been making the rounds, and I appreciate it fully. The language is probably not suitable for kids, unless you're liberal about language like my friend Robyn.  Which is OK too.
"1. I will not get on your case for not texting me back in a timely manner.
2.  I will not get on your case for not calling me back in a timely manner.
3. This is because I will soon be the one not calling and texting you back in a timely manner.
4. If you tell me you’re going to call me back “in a few minutes” I understand I may not hear from you for 3 days.
5. I know this is not because you don’t love me."


1)  Perfect is overrated, says Kelly of My Twice Baked Potato. I like the freedom and acceptance here: 
"I promise that I choose time with the people I love over worrying about a clean house.
I promise to be honest when I get appetizers at Coscto instead of making them myself.
I promise to say “No” just once in awhile instead of “Sure, I can do that” and then regretting it!"

2)  Another Kelly, of the blog Idealist Mom, was a guest writer at Hillary Leonard's site recently, and this post on ways to help your shy kid get confident was very helpful to me. My son is definitely on the shy and reserved side, when it comes to other kids; I will be thinking of Kelly's tips going forward.
"Anytime you notice your kid dipping a toe in the water, comment on the effort it took them.
For example, at the birthday party, when Abby went and stood by the girls playing ring toss, I walked up to her after a couple minutes and whispered this in her ear:  'You were feeling nervous about walking up to some kids you didn’t know. But you did. I can tell you’re trying hard.'
She smiled. And took a step closer to the girls."

3)  It is no secret that Rachel is one of my favorite people in the world. She is truly one of the kindest and most giving and loving women I have ever met.  This post hit me in the heart  because I have pushed my introvert son (see #2) perhaps harder than I should because I have struggled to understand him, at times.  I want to build, not break.


1)  I absolutely love this idea from Tracy at Sellabit Mum: a Little Free library. This box allows the owner to share books with a "take a book, leave a book" format in which anyone can participate. It would be fun to see how the box changes on a regular basis.

2)  My friend Jenn wrote a children's book called Much Too Much, and she has worked hard to get it to print.  It's gorgeously illustrated, and lots of fun to read - my 4-year-old son requests it often and giggles through it.  And I'm even more excited about her next book, A Moon of My Own, which will be illustrated by my friend Ashley. I introduced Jenn and Ashley, and I love to watch them build their partnership on this next book.

* * * 
Psst - I have a new part-time job! I have been writing articles for Airport Improvement magazine since August of last year, and they have hired me to be their Director of Social Media.  I'm very thankful that I can work with such a great team, with flexible hours and lots of opportunities to be creative. Follow us at @airportimprove if you're an aviation nut like me.



  1. These are some great articles, Kristin, thank you for sharing!
    And congratulations on your new job!

  2. I know! That little library is the cutest idea!

    I'm off to read Rachel's article.


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