Friday, May 30, 2014

Friday Favorites

Today, I took my son to the park and to Pinkberry for a cold treat, and as we were enjoying our frozen yogurt, a group of middle school boys walked in, loud and gangly. The first thing I noticed is that not one of them was talking on a phone or looking at a phone. They were talking to each other. The second thing I noticed was that they all had their yearbooks in hand with a tie-dye motif on the cover.

Maybe my disaster of a yearbook cover wasn't so bad.

The boys smiled at me and my son, and I felt a lot of hope for the young man my son will become someday. With the horrific events in California in the last week and resulting fear and rally, it has been a tough week online. I hope that you find some peace and comfort and joy over the weekend.

Here are some of my favorite posts on the internet this week:

This post stands alone from my friend Tracy at Sellabit Mum. Her brave post will break your heart and make you feel strong at the same time for women everywhere:

Elaine of The Miss Elaine-ous Life is conflicted about how she feels about summer vacation - with three small kids, it's completely understandable:

This mom has some tough and real words for her son about sex and relationships and women:

Lara's post on how she doesn't do it all resonated with me - don't be so hard on yourself, either.

Slow Family Living's Bernadette Noll always has fantastic ideas - this one is easily repeatable to capture the moments of your child's school year:

It's summertime, and kids all over the country will be swimming. This article is not meant to scare you but to educate you on something you may have never seen or even heard of: secondary drowning.  Thank you to Laura Willard of An Uncommon Family for sharing it:

Dynamom wrote a post at Scary Mommy that has resonated to the tune of almost 190,000 shares on Scary Mommy: 10 Habits Parents Need to Break. In particular, I like #2. 
See more at:

I love this idea from A Cup of Jo - a scheduled date with your child, especially when you have more than one. The photos are gorgeous.

Katie from Sluiter Nation is a caring and loving teacher, and when a senior girl at her school lost everything in a fire, including everything she owned for her baby boy, Katie sprang into action. She gathered donations from friends and went to Charlotte Russe to buy a gift card for the young woman and to Target for gift cards to buy the baby everything he needed. While she was buying the gift card at Charlotte Russe, the cashier said, "Well SOMEONE is getting a fun shopping spree!" Katie just smiled and nodded. Then she asked who it was for and Katie told her "a student of mine lost her house in a fire and has nothing. This is just a small thing to get her some back some stuff."

The cashier started crying. The teenager said, "Oh my goodness! That is the best thing I have heard in my life!" Katie said, "I can't take all the credit; lots of people loved on her to get this, and really $100 is small compared to losing all your clothes and favorite things, but it's what we can do."

Great story.



  1. I look forward to Fridays just for these posts.

  2. A lot of strong women in this list! Love it.

  3. Great links there, and yes, Katie! We all need more people (and teachers) like Katie. Have a great weekend, Kristin!

  4. Thank you, SO MUCH for including me here, my friend. It means a lot. PLUS! I get to check out all the other great posts too! And your mention of Katie is so spot on. What a gal, right?


  5. I know a couple of the people you mentioned but I will have to check out the others!! :)

  6. I'm so glad you mentioned the middle school boys you encountered at the pool. It is refreshing that they were polite and friendly, because as a mom of four boys, I've always hoped I taught them to act that way with others. There are so many who don't. Society complains about this generation so much, we need to praise the kids and parents who are doing it right.

    Great links that I will check out. Thanks!


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